So, you need a great website to sell your products, showcase your art, get people in your doors, or provide industry information developed by your company. A web presence is the most important marketing solution you can have and should have. It is the core of your online presence. Website design continues to be one of the most important ways that your business is presented to customers. Even in the age of social media and eblasts, your website remains core to any business and their online presence.

Do you really have time to do this yourself? Do you have time to learn to code? To learn and understand graphic design, to take photographs, and put it all into action? Do you have time to learn and understand the trends that catch your clients attention? Heck no!

If there is one important thing to know in business, it's to know when to outsource certain parts of work to the people who specialize in what you don't. More than half of all small businesses will hire a graphic designer. We can create and elevate your business presence by creating a modern, on-trend, appealing, full-service website that will get your message out and grab your clients attention. So let's do this!


Custom Website Build
Collaborative Process
Graphic & Modern Design
Increased Brand Awareness
Content Writing
Website Maintenance


The latest website redesign by Lakehouse Designs Agency was created for Jose Ramirez Band from Washington, D.C.

Jose hired the agency to update the band’s website, work with new photography and add new content. The website is very appealing with the use of high-quality photographs, great organization and usability for viewers, easy to find content, latest news from the band and up-to-date tour information. All of this website design and set-up make it easier for audiences to find and attend band performances around the world.

On-going maintenance is continuing to be provided by the Lakehouse Designs Agency.