Let's start at the beginning. Your brand's job is to create the Square where all your customers will meet, return, inspire other customers, and purchase from you! (Channels to choose from include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter)

This package includes the best of what you need now:

  • - Up to four, one-hour client calls per month to determine your target audiences and approval of marketing plan
  • - Determine target audience through strategic techniques
  • - Selection of ONE priority platform
  • - Content strategy tailored towards target audience and platform
  • - Creating graphics for platform Profile and Highlight covers
  • - Branding and design of ads using existing logo or new logo
  • - Event Calendar content creation

With your already established social media channel, the next step is building trust. I will create, post and engage on the best chosen platform for your business. In order to convert lookers to buyers, we need to establish your business and create trust for your product.

This package includes the best of what you need to grow:

  • - 30-Minute planning call
  • - 2 Scheduled posts per week on ONE channel
  • - Designing and posting stories
  • - Community engagement totaling one hour each week
  • - Caption and copy creation
  • - Hashtag strategy for each post
  • - Weekly email update

You're covered with this package. Your now smooth running platform will continue to grow and be successful with your clients. Though they don't see behind the scenes, there is a lot going on to boost the gold rush happening with your business.

This package includes the next big steps in continued growth:

  • - Three 30-minute planning calls per month
  • - 5 Scheduled posts per week on TWO channels
  • - Full optimization and activated information
  • - Design and customize campaign stories
  • - Community engagement and inbox customer care
  • - Caption and copy creation
  • - Hashtag strategy for each post for targeted traffic
  • - Weekly email update


Branding Kit
Logo Design
Calendar Content and Management
Additional Platform Plans
Website Maintenance
Email Sales Funnel


The latest in social media management by Lakehouse Designs Agency was created for Village Pride of Arkansas.

The creation of customized content based on group activities, easier to find content, posting of up-to-date calendar events, creation of ads for visual appeal, nature inspired photography, and wide-spread audience building are created for this non-profit group. All of this to make it easier for audiences to find out about the club and get involved with volunteering.

On-going social media ad creation, content writing, hashtag selection and audience growth is continuing to be provided by the Lakehouse Designs Agency.