As a virtual assistant, I'm here to provide exceptional and skilled services to you, to your business and/or to your home. By working remotely, I can do the administrative, personal and technical support services to allow you to focus on the rest of what you love to do. With my help, I'm in the background, customizing and creating all that you need to be a successful entrepreneur or personality. This allows you to concentrate on the aspects of your life where your skills are better suited for success.

Love what you do and work at what you love. Hence working with my ideal clients where we can share interests and enthusiasim. This will result in better outcomes for both of us, better marketing for your business and many customers becoming loyal fans.

In knowing a lot about many aspects of the world, I'm well suited to working with people from many interesting fields. If you are an entrepreneur, person or businesses in a sampling of these industries than we should work together: travel, photography, art, real estate, artisan farmers, local eating, microbreweries, wineries, farmers market, organic living, local shopping, music, sports, or lodging. A beautiful partnership in the works.

Although I'm very artistic, I'm also very technical. I've been using a computer since eighth grade when I took a typing class in which I got a perfect grade. Over the 30 years since that time, I have refined all my technical skills to support my clients. Many of my skills cross platforms, can be tailored and uniquely customized.

I've worked in and with many industries, including higher education communications, newspaper office, news online presence, advertising agency, travel and promotion, restaurant customer service, sales customer service, real estate agency, health management. All this experience works together to create a unique set of skills to work globally. It could be on an on-going relationship or for a one-time project. Let's talk!


Business Services

Executive Assistance
Calendar Management
Project Management
Travel Coordination
Photography Location Search
Presentation Creation
Party and Event Planning
File Organization
Information Gathering
Database & Data Entry
Slideshows Creation
Report Organization

Digital Services

Email Management
Social Media Management
Social Media Moderator
Editing & Proofreading
Webinar Setup
Website Design (WordPress)
Graphic Design (branding kit, logo)
Marketing Materials (advertisements, mailers, newsletter design)
Email Campaign

Personal Services

Life Management
Household Management
Family Scheduling
Calendar Organization
Contact Management
Travel Planning and Coordination
Personal Shopping
Gift Shopping
Party & Event Planning


You want to free up time in your life for more important tasks. Meanwhile I’d love to complete projects for you to contribute to that enjoyment in your life. I’m enthusiastic and excited at the chance to work with you.

I would love to hear about your needs and tell you more about my talents and abilities. Send me an email with your contact information or fill out the info request on the Contact page. I look forward to scheduling a call in which we can go over all of the above and much more.